Youthure Foundation



The Youthure Foundation aims to help, motivate and mobilize (mainly unemployed) young people (18-35 years) to work in the agricultural sector. By focusing on sustainable projects, Youthure helps to create a sustainable future for young people, the local community and the environment.

We believe the youth is the future!




C with B

In June 2020, we started the ‘C with B’ project in the Salimi District in Malawi with 25 youth participants. This project aims to enhance the conservation of forest resources while capitalizing on forest value chains in a way…..

Youth Test Farm

In both Malawi and Kenya, there are high rates of youth (18-35 years) unemployment. The agricultural sector offers multiple livelihood and employment opportunities for the youth, and is in both countries the backbone of the economy….

ABout us

We believe the youth is the future

The youth is the future. Investing in youth is always worth it, especially in the agricultural sector. Youthure foundation aims to decrease youth unemployment resulting in less migration/urbanization and less criminality. Focusing on improved sustainable farming practices that are adapting to climate change, will make farmers more resilient and benefit the environment (e.g. less landscape degradation, efficient use of scarce resources like land and water). Local economies/markets will be supported and food production increased. Our projects are sustainable investments that will create a snowball effect. On the long-term it contributes to an increase in GDP and decrease poverty and crime, not only on a local scale but also on a regional and even national level.