Bagging for Trees!

In both Kenya and Malawi, we are promoting the planting of trees on farms. Trees have numerous benefits, including providing food for humans and animals, producing fuel, preventing erosion, and improving soil quality. Trees also absorb CO2, provide shade, protection, and habitats for insects and animals.

Despite these benefits, deforestation remains a significant problem in both countries. It is time to take action and plant more trees. That is why Eva has set up an initiative called Bagging for Trees. Bagging for Trees sells handmade bags in the Netherlands that are made in Malawi by local tailors. This way, we create employment and contribute to the Malawian economy. For every bag sold, at least three trees are planted in Malawi.

A few months ago, Bagging for Trees donated 100 trees to the Youth Test Farm in Malawi. Eva and Loes helped the youth plant the trees. Additionally, a portion of the sales of Bagging for Trees goes towards supporting Youthure’s projects. With Bagging for Trees, we can all contribute to the reforestation of Malawi and help support local communities.