About us

About Us

Vision and Mission

The youth is the future. Investing in youth is always worth it, especially in the agricultural sector. Youthure foundation aims to decrease youth unemployment resulting in less migration/urbanization and less criminality. Focussing on improved sustainable farming practices that are adapting to climate change, will make farmers more resilient and benefit the environment (e.g. less landscape degradation, efficient use of scarce resources like land and water). Local economies/markets will be supported and food production increased. Our projects are sustainable investments that will create a snowball effect. On the long-term, it contributes to an increase in GDP and decreases poverty and crime, not only on a local scale but also on a regional and even national level.

Our aim is to develop projects with a high chance of continuation, resulting in long-term positive effects. How?

  • Building on and linking already existing resources
  • Working with a small, passionate and energetic team
  • Focusing on opportunities: an optimistic mindset
  • Learning by doing
  • Using an integrated approach
  • Starting small-scale and create a snowball effect
  • Making use of innovative and SMART technologies/tools

Currently, our work focusses on projects in Kenya en Malawi. We are working together with local organisations and NGO’s in both countries who know the culture and are experts on local farming practices. In the future we aim to expand our projects to other countries as well.


Loes van der Pluijm

Founder and Managing Director

Loes has a background in integrated water resource management and worked on projects related to water, agrofood and international development together with many different stakeholders in different countries (a.o. Kenya, Mexico, Ethiopia and Malawi). “I got these experiences because I had access to a student loan which gave me the opportunity to follow my passion. Many youth don’t have that opportunity and struggle to survive. I believe youth is the future and I am passionate to work with and for the youth to make their future and the environment more sustainable and contribute to positive change.”

Ephraim Kahenya

Farming Expert Kenya

Kahenya has 15 years of experience in community water resources management regarding water allocation and water conflict management. He is a trainer in smart water use including water storage, conveyance and application. “I am passionate to work with Youthure Foundation and develop test farms for youth to help them with an agricultural business.” Currently, Kahenya is the director for Kiahuko green farm where demonstrations on modern technology are displayed to the local community.

Blessings Jeranji

Farming Expert Malawi

Blessings is a competent and ambitious irrigation engineer who has a background in irrigation designing, installing irrigation systems, interpreting agricultural development, providing agricultural development trainings and agricultural extension services. During a training by the Flood Based Livelihoods Network in the Netherlands, he developed a good understanding of climate smart flood based livelihoods systems. “I believe the future has its foundation in the youth.”

Eva van Dijk

Program Coordinator

Eva recently graduated with a Master’s degree in International land and water management. “Over the years, I have grown a strong passion for sustainable and resilient agricultural practices that safeguard food security and enhance ecosystem services. With the climate changing drastically, I am very concerned about environmental problems and food security. It is the youth of today that will face the worst effects of climate change. Therefore, I want to help the youth and give them access to resources to be able to create a sustainable future for themselves and for the environment.”


Emiel Woudenberg

Audio-Visual Expert

Emiel is a young ambitious filmmaker, with the aim of making powerful and convincing productions. “For me, passionate people are the most important thing, so that together we can translate an interesting story into a high-end film.”

Susan Nyaguthii

Water Resource Conservation Specialist Kenya

Susan is a highly motivated water resource specialist with over 5 years experience in organizing and implementing water resource conservation projects, as well as engaging stakeholders to achieve common objectives under the water resource conservation docket. She considers herself as a decisive leader who is able to take initiative and champion high impact strategies for progress. She has a proven track record of leading regional projects, designing, and delivering community based capacity building curricula and programs with demonstrated successes. ‘’I am very committed to my work and motivated to make connections with people, especially the youth, and communicate my understanding back to them.’’

James Kagiri

Water Engineer Kenya

With a background of construction of Water Works, Kagiri has 26 years of experience in management of construction and operation of water works. He has worked with Caritas Nyeri for 26 years as a Water Programme Coordinator implementing community water projects in the Counties of Nyeri, Nyandarua and Laikipia. He also holds a Degree in Environmental Planning and Management and is a registered Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) lead expert since 2006.

Currently Kagiri is a Private Consultant in Construction and Environment Management. “ I look forward to impart technical knowledge I have acquired over time to the Youth.”

Justin Munene

WRM Specialist Kenya

Justin is a dedicated water specialist with 4 years of experience in water resource management and conflict resolutions on matters concerning the use and allocation of water as a resource at community level. Justin is active as Executive Officer for the Naromoru water resources users association, Kenya. He is currently championing in multi-stakeholders involvement on matters of water conservation technology, management and climate-smart farming. ‘’I believe it is important to actively involve the community in each and every project. As a youth leader of my community I see how the youth plays an important role in the community and I advocate for their involvement in projects.’’

Patrick Ekwam

Financial and Partnership Advisor

Patrick is a Kenyan professional with over 20 years of skills and experience in Financial Services Products Development, Credit Management, Value Chain Development, Climate Change & Resilience (Green Technology Financing), Public Private Partnership and Project Monitoring and Evaluations. He is currently the Founding CEO of Ideal Advisory Service, a local registered consultancy firm. The firm has consulted for over 20 MFI’s and several Non-Governmental Organizations in the country. ‘’I am confident that with my experience in creating sustainable linkages among value chain actors (smallholder farmers in horticulture) and financial institutions I am able to contribute to a better future for the youth in Kenya.’’

For our projects in Malawi we closely work together with the team of Conserve with Benefits


Legal Advisor

Financial Advisor