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C with B project has started

We are happy to announce that we have received funding for two years to start off with the C with B project. The project aims to empower youth economically through capacity building and honey/mushroom business in the Salima District in Malawi. Youth will be offered an alternative source of income in an area where cutting … Lees meer

First beekeeping training (C with B)

From the 12th to the 14th of August 2020, the first beekeeping training as part of the C with B project took place in the Salima District. The training was a success. Participants gained and demonstrated knowledge on various aspects of beekeeping including: the relationship among bees, people and the environment; bee biology and sociology; … Lees meer

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C with B project in the news

Since the start of the ‘C with B project several media outlets have posted about the project. The Maravi post wrote about our ‘C with B project’ in August. Click here to read the full article. Another article was posted in the Malawi News Agency paper: And a video was shared on national television:

News Updates C with B project

The C with B project is developing at a fast pace. Beehives have been installed and mushroom production is starting. Soon the youth can start selling honey and mushrooms. Not only the youth is engaged, the local community is also becoming aware of the benefits of the new ventures. Secretary for Chagunda youth organization beneficiaries … Lees meer