C with B

Conserve With Benefits

In June 2020, we started the ‘C with B’ (Conserve with Benefits) project in the Salimi District in Malawi with 25 youth participants. This project aims to enhance the conservation of forest resources while capitalizing on forest value chains in a way that empowers youth economically and contributes to ecosystem management. The following activities are currently taking place:

Sustainable Forest management

The ‘C with B’ project is collaborating with the National Youth Network on Climate Change (NYNCC), a network of climate-active youth in Malawi. Through this partnership, the project implements forest conservation initiatives in the forests surrounding the Salima District.

The project participants and other youth are setting up a nursery to introduce trees, flowers and other flowering plants into the forest to create a safe haven for pollinators threatened by habitat loss and vegetation depletion. 200 new trees have been planted and 5000 seeds of multiple species are being grown to be planted later this year.

New sources of Income

The ‘C with B’ project promotes the use of sustainable value chains in forests to provide socio-economic and ecosystem-oriented solutions for the benefit of the youth in Salima.

Currently, the following activities are taking place:

  • Honey production: 40 beehives have been introduced in the forests surrounding the Salima District. In addition a honey processing and packaging facility has been set up that allows the young people to supply honey to the market.
  • Mushroom production: Mushrooms are produced, sorted and packed to enable the youth to market mushrooms.

Sustainable energy

To combat the production of logging, the demand for fuel (firewood and charcoal) must decline. Therefore, the ‘C with B’ project is looking into the possibility of introducing more sustainable cooking methods for the local community in Salima.

Watch this video below to find out more about C with B: