Update Youth Test Farm Kenya

Graduation day of the 1st cohort This July, the first cohort of youth graduated from the Kiahuko youth test farm in Kenya! The past half year they followed several theoretical and practical trainings on the farm on different topics related to climate-smart farming and visited several example farms. Both the youth and the project team … Read more

Update Youth Test Farm Malawi

At this time of the year the farm is busy growing horticultural crops under irrigation. Onions, tomatoes, rape, cabbages, green pepper, hot pepper, garlic etc. are now growing on the farm and the first harvests have already taken place. The youth are learning a lot about the management of these crops from our farm manager … Read more

Update Youth Test Farm Kenya

The training of the first cohort of youth at the demonstration farm in Kenya is almost over! Over the past few months, the farm setup has been fine-tuned, and the youth have gained valuable experiences. Together with the youth, we have installed shade nets, a rainwater harvesting system, a solar-powered water pump, a greenhouse, and … Read more

Bagging for Trees!

In both Kenya and Malawi, we are promoting the planting of trees on farms. Trees have numerous benefits, including providing food for humans and animals, producing fuel, preventing erosion, and improving soil quality. Trees also absorb CO2, provide shade, protection, and habitats for insects and animals. Despite these benefits, deforestation remains a significant problem in … Read more

Update Youth Test Farm Malawi

Year two on the youth test farm in Malawi started in October 2022. This year funds are available for the construction of pig and chicken pens, a small storage area, the purchase of a motorbike and the installation of a small drip irrigation system. The results can be seen in the photos below. The purchase … Read more

Update Youth Test Farm Kenya

The past months a lot has happened on the farm and by now the training hall is finished, the youth is selected and the first trainings already started! I (Loes) got the opportunity to see the progress with my own eyes while staying in in Kenya for a few months. I worked together with the … Read more

New Project: Youth Test Farm in Kenya

In Kenya a new youth test farm is being developed. The construction of the buildings and the water reservoir is almost finished and soon the first youth will be selected to follow trainings and practicals on the farm. Loes, our managing director is currently in Kenya to help with the project on the ground. The … Read more

Update Youth Test Farm Malawi

There has been a substantial progress on the farm in Malawi. After the harvest of soya and  groundnuts, the youth started developing a plan for winter cropping. Under supervision of the farm manager Angellah, the youth are growing tomatoes, onions, green pepper, cabbages and beans. Soon the harvest will be ready and the youth will … Read more

C with B project finished

The C with B project has come to an end. Conserve with Benefits in partnership with NYNCC (National Youth Network on Climate Change) and Youthure Foundation implemented the Conserve with Benefit (C with B) project from June 2020 until May 2022.  The project has been financially supported by TAUW Foundation and we thank them for … Read more

Climate Change and Climate Smart Agriculture in Malawi

Farmers all over the world are struggling with the effects of climate change. Heat weaves, floodings, late onset of the rains and droughts for example lead to productivity loss, crop damages, food quality loss, etc. At the same time agriculture also contributes to climate change with the release of greenhouse gasses causing global warming. Although … Read more